coin_artist 50k Follower Puzzle – Write-up

The infamous crypto puzzle artist coin_artist just launched a new NFT airdrop for hitting 50,000 followers on Twitter. As with all coin_artist related announcements and products, we immediately dusted off the magnifying glass and started to seek for a puzzle. We quickly saw that she tweeted #1347 which is her bat signal that there is a puzzle to be found. It did not take long for us to find the trailhead!


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DEFCON 29 CTF Qualifier: 3FACTOOORX Write-up

I recently participated with the CTF team Norse Code representing Hacking for Soju in the DEFCON 29 CTF qualifiers. There was a web challenge, so I went full speed ahead to solve it. Overall the challenge is fairly straightforward and not too difficult, but I decided to do a write-up on it to demonstrate one way that you are able to work through obfuscated JavaScript.

The challenge begins with a website link and a Chrome browser extension that you can download.

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