DEFCON 22 Badge Challenge

Authors: image Brett Buerhaus, image Jason Thor Hall

Original Post:

Brett, Jon, and I recently went to DEFCON and completed the Badge Challenge put together by 1o57.  Here is the entire adventure as we experienced it with all of the puzzles, their solutions, and the steps to solve them.  Understand that this document contains MASSIVE spoilers so if you do not want to ruin it for yourself please stop reading now.

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Steam Vulnerabilities – Part 1


I decided to take a look at the security of Valve’s websites recently after noticing Valve put up a security disclosure page two weeks ago. Although I did take a look at non-Steam websites, I focused almost entirely on the Steam Community and store because of how widely it is used via the Steam client.

I submit these issues and most of them were fixed within a week. So if you know of any Steam or Valve related product exploits and haven’t had a chance or are not sure how to report them, you can send the vulnerabilities in an email to

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