Beyond hacking and security, I love creating and solving puzzles. I have compiled a list of some of the best puzzles I have come across in the past decade..

Cyphage - Consulting & Puzzle Creation Services

Cyphage is a cutting-edge company offering consulting and building services for viral marketing, alternate reality games, interactive media, crypto, and NFTs. Check out the website cyphage.com and contact contact@cyphage.com for more information.


Websites, games, and magazines that offer unique and high quality puzzle experiences.

Puzzle Sites & Magazines

These are the sites I recommend doing if you are interested in puzzles. You will learn a lot about puzzle basics, ciphers, stenography, and web security.

  • ae27ff by crashdemons - A good mix of entry level ciphers and puzzle techniques. These eventually get more complex. Offers about a month of fun puzzle experiences entirely for free.
  • Revolute Elite by sabretooth - Over hundred+ puzzles that are a mix of math, ciphers, stego, and web exploitation. A range of beginner to expert level puzzles that will give you about a year of content for free.
  • Panda Magazine (monthly subscription) - One of the most consistent and difficult puzzle series available in the world. Bi-monthly releases with dozens of new puzzles.

Crypto Puzzles

These are puzzles that are updated once in awhile with cryptocurrency prizes:


DEFCON Badge Challenge Write-ups

Write-ups of Puzzles I Created

PotatoPlanet Puzzles

A crypto challenge framework and challenges I created back in 2014-2016 after being inspired by ARGs and 1o57's crypto challenges.