– Mobile Feedback URL Redirect Regex/Validation Flaw

Back in October of last year I discovered a JavaScript flaw on that bypassed protocol validation by abusing an if check against a URL parsed by regex. I was unable to find a way to attack this vector, but was still rewarded a bounty of $500 due to Google knowing of an active browser vulnerability that allowed them to exploit it successfully.

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Flickr API Explorer – Force users to execute any API request.

Flickr has a developer application section called The App Garden. Developers are able to create apps that make API calls to Flickr as an authenticated user via OAuth. I discovered a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack vector that allowed you to attack any user on Flickr.

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Detecting Burp Suite – Part 1 of 3: Info Leak


I recently started to review the automated vulnerability scanner Burp Suite because of its widespread usage. The tool is used by many security bounty hunters, security professionals, and blackhat hackers for automated scanning and vulnerability detection. While I was using Burp, I was wondering to myself how easy it is for a server to detect that I am using this tool.

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